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Ultimate Lifter Tox
Ultimate Lifer-Tox
Bot-thread Bot thread
PGLA/POD Botothred+(Botulinum polypeptide-1)

It is a product that improves the sagging of the face. Botox is woven into a dissolvable surgical thread and inserted subcutaneously with a needle. Improves sagging in a short period of time
Medical Devices EMS's unique technology, High Density Focused Electromagnetic Field, utilizes a powerful electromagnetic force of approximately 2 Tesla, which exceeds that of MRI. The irradiation of energy induces a powerful contraction movement in the muscle tissue, causing muscle contraction with a strength that cannot be achieved by normal exercise. In these muscle movements, the next contraction starts before one contraction ends. This phenomenon is called hypermaximal muscle contraction. effective diet equipment
Home hydra facial machine MIZUNOMORI

Hydrafacial is a beautiful skin treatment that introduces beauty essence while sucking sebum and keratin.

It is a treatment that can improve various skin problems such as oily skin, acne skin, and open pores. It is characterized by using the power of water, and peeling is performed while replenishing beauty ingredients.

Therefore, you can regain moist skin and keep your skin's original moisture.
Beauty Max HIFU
Beauty Max "HIFU" Esthetic is the latest wrinkle and sagging treatment that lifts sagging skin due to aging by irradiating HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) to the fascia called SMAS and applying heat. . Beauty Max "HIFU" Esthetic is recommended not only for middle-aged and elderly people who are concerned about wrinkles and sagging, but also for people in their 20s to 40s because it is highly effective in preventing wrinkles and sagging. The representative old-generation HIFU "Ulthera" was extremely painful, and depending on the irradiation site (the site near the nerve), there was a possibility that neuropathy would remain, but this machine can be tolerated without anesthetic cream. It's a range of pain. I can confidently recommend it to those who are worried about pain.
In addition, you can immediately feel the effect of lifting slack and making your face smaller. Please try it.
Principle of HIFU
HIFU is an abbreviation for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.
Ordinary ultrasonic waves reach a certain depth uniformly and act, but HIFU is an ultrasonic wave that focuses on a certain depth and gives a heat effect. It works with "points" instead of "planes" or "lines".
There are 3 types of ultrasound focal points for HIFU for the face: 4.5mm, 3mm, and 1.5mm, which are used depending on the treatment area on the face. 4.5mm mainly heat coagulates the deep SMAS fascia. 3mm mainly heat-coagulates the subcutaneous fat layer. 1.5mm mainly heat coagulates the dermis layer of the skin.
Irradiate all three types of thick areas such as the cheeks and heat and solidify them at the three-layer level. You can enhance the effect by irradiating in such a three-dimensional way.
Basically, this HIFU is performed in multiple layers according to everyone. However, for thin areas such as the temples and near the eyes, 2 or 1 layers are irradiated.
Features of this machine
"Centerless HIFU".
There is a hole in the center of the transducer that generates ultrasonic waves, and by letting air bubbles escape through the hole, the ultrasonic waves are stabilized and the epidermis is prevented from being burned.
In many cases, you can feel it immediately after the treatment, and it is a treatment with a high degree of satisfaction. The duration of effect is about 6-12 months.
side effects
Redness and swelling may occur.
You may have pain in your muscles.
HIFU is widely applicable to people in their 20s to 70s. Lift up to lift slack
Of course, you can instantly get a small face effect by thermal contraction of the fascia.
With Ulthera, there was a high risk of burns for those with gold threads, and there were red swollen threads, but with the latest machine, it is possible to perform treatment without the risk of burns, but caution is required.
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